Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Std 12th exam news.

 What can you do for St. 12? The government is confused

Due to the increasing number of cases, the government has canceled the 10th standard test and issued a mass increase, but the government is also confused about what to do with standard 12. According to an education department official, the education department 10. You have given a lot of promotions to level 10, but now it is being considered how you can agree to level 11 and how you can deliver the result. The Department of Education has not yet considered the 12th level. No meeting was held for testing and no committee was formed. The government will decide when and how the 12th standard trial will be conducted.

What are the screening arrangements for students with heart problems?
Students should know 2 weeks in advance if they want to write the standard 12 exam so that they can prepare well. Currently, in the absence of an education department or government meeting held for testing, it is likely that a decision will be made in a week and if the decision is taken in the first week of June, 15 days will have to be given. The weather will start again after the second week of June. Once it starts to rain and tests are done, how can students from small villages get to the testing center and other difficulties arise. It is a question of whether coronary or marginalized students or those from their content area can add to the test.

Parents are concerned about children becoming infected
Students are also confused by the standard 12 tests. The question is how the test will be performed, the MCQ method or the other way around. Parents are also concerned that their children will not become infected if the tests are held during the ongoing epidemic. Private classroom teachers have also started teaching now, but students in online courses do not fully understand. Therefore, students, parents, and teachers are also confused.

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