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Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana 2021- 2022

  Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana 2021- 2022

Today, in this article, I am going to give you complete information about Gujarat Government’s “KuvarBai Nu Mameru Project”. By the name of the project, we know that this project is for Gujarat girls. The Gujarat government has spent Rs. 10,000 to the parents of Gujarat daughters at the time of marriage. So tell us what is the new scheme of Gujarat Government’s “KuvarBai Nu Mameru Project”

 In this article, you will find information about this project, the purpose of this project, the benefits of the project, the online application process, the online application process and all the terms and conditions. So keep reading this article in its entirety.

The Gujarat government has launched the “KuvarBai Nu Mameru Project” for the state of Gujarat. The scheme will not benefit people from other states other than Gujarat. The “Kuverbai Nu Mameru Project” launched by the Gujarat Government with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs. Only the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Tribes girls will benefit from this project. Under the scheme, the Gujarat government will provide financial assistance to Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Caste Girls at the time of their marriage. Therefore, Rs. 10,000 from the Gujarat government for the project of the Kuverbai Nu Mameru project.

 Eligibility criteria

  ✷ The standard of income limit is Rs.1,20,000 / - for rural area and Rs.1,50,000 / - for public area.

 ✷  The benefit of the scheme is given on the occasion of marriage up to two adult brides of the family,

  The standard of assistance

 ✷  Assistance of Rs.10,000 / - is paid in the name of the bride to help in the expenses incurred on the occasion of marriage of socially and educationally backward and economically backward class girls.

 ✷   Apply for assistance within two years of marriage.

 Documents to be submitted

 ✷   Kanya's Aadhaar card

 ✷ Aadhar card of the girl's father / guardian

 ✷  Example of the caste of the girl obtained from the competent authority

 ✷  Example of the caste of the youth obtained from the competent officer

 ✷  Proof of residence of the applicant (electricity bill, license, lease agreement, copy of election card),

 ✷  Considering the annual income of a Kenyan father / guardian

 ✷  Proof of virginity

 ✷  Proof of date of birth of the youth

✷ Lagan Kankotri

 ✷ Marriage registration certificate

 ✷ Bank passbook, canceled check in the name of the young lady

 ✷ Photo of the bride

  Where to get the form and where to apply?

 ✷ The benefit of this service can now be availed online from the Social Welfare website.  Which can be obtained through Dashvail Rishik.

Apply online now

✷ For filling up the online form and copying the evidences, for verification, the Mamlatdar office / Taluka Development Authority office / Welfare Officer's office should go to your taluka / district where the authority has been given and check it.  Samad



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