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Home Lerning Daily Video Date:-27/11/2020.

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  • Home Lerning Daily Video Date:-27/11/2020.

  • Date :: 27 Novembor 2020
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When the initial cases of COVID-19 were documented within the Indian subcontinent in late January, few could have anticipated its impending course and impact on every aspect of human life over the subsequent months. Yet here we are quite five months later, and our world has been transformed dramatically. Everything from board meetings to grocery shopping are now being conducted online via laptops or smartphones, exposing our heavy dependency on stable internet availability like never before.remew it. 

Considering these massive shifts within the established order , it's clear that technology—especially the Internet—has been central to our evolution and adaptableness within the COVID-19 era. However, it's public knowledge that a tech-driven transformation was underway long before the pandemic hit us.

India is facing with pandemic of ‘Coronavirus disease -2019’ (COVID-19). within the absence of proper medicine and vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19, the govt of India has imposed the country lockdown from 25 March 2020 to avoid chain /community transmission of coronavirus in human. Consequently, the tutorial institutes were also closed during the lockdown period and traditional class room teaching switched to online teaching in India to compensate the tutorial losses.

Aims: this text aims to live the impact of online teaching on education also because the health of the scholars .




 Result: consistent with survey, the web teaching was equally important altogether segment of education during the amount of pandemic but about half-hour students aren't satisfied with the delivery of content through online teaching. the scholars below 14 years were getting addicted with mobiles and laptop and consequently they suffers with mental sickness and eyes problem thanks to screen effect.

Methodology: the web survey was conducted among the scholars to live the impact of online teaching in their education and health. There are 792 valid responses obtained from the survey.



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