Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lockdown news france today.

 France is now in a new national lockdown that will last at least a month as it aims to curb one of Europe's biggest coronavirus surges and ease the pressure on its hospitals.

There were record traffic jams around Paris on Thursday evening, with many people heading for rural accommodation, but now the queues are much shorter.

The capital's streets are, however, busier than during the March lockdown.

Schools and workplaces remain open, but people need permits to leave home.

The downloadable exemptions are for essential shopping, trips for medical reasons or for getting to work. Home-working is urged wherever possible.

The French government has issued stricter hygiene rules for schools: they must keep class sizes small and masks are now required from the age of six.

What's the latest in France?

Traffic jams stretched to a cumulative 430 miles (700km) in the Ile-de-France region on Thursday evening, local media reported.



આપ સૌનુ હાદિઁક સ્વાગત છે.

આપ સૌનુ હાદિઁક સ્વાગત છે.

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