Sunday, September 20, 2020

Schools will open in the states from tomorrow, find out where they will be closed

  Many states have banned the opening of schools due to the increasing transmission of the corona virus. Only 9th to 12th standard schools are opening in some states from September 21. Initially schools will open with only 50% teachers and staff. Children can only enter school if they have the written permission of their parents. All measures will be taken to prevent corona in the school. Masks and social distance are mandatory, thermal screening will take place at the time of admission.


Schools will be closed in these states

Maharashtra: Schools in the state will remain closed till September 30.

Uttar Pradesh: No decision has been taken. The education minister had categorically said that schools would not reopen from September 21 due to increasing cases of corona.

Delhi: The government has made it clear that schools will not be reopened.

Gujarat: The state government has decided to close schools till Diwali

Madhya Pradesh: Schools will be partially opened.

West Bengal: Schools are still closed due to rising corona cases.

Bihar: There is no clear instruction from the state government. It is likely that the schools will reopen after the assembly elections and the six pujas.

Jharkhand: Schools will remain closed till September 30 as per the state government's order.

Chhattisgarh: There are lockdowns in 6 cities including Raipur. Elsewhere, schools are less likely to open.

Rajasthan: Schools are opening but many private schools will remain closed.

Kerala: Schools are planned to remain closed till October.

Schools are opening in these states from Monday

Assam: Schools are opening from Monday. Here schools will open on a different day for standard 9 and 10 and on a different day for standard 11 and 12.

Jammu and Kashmir: Guidelines have been issued. Schools will be open from Monday.

Himachal Pradesh: Schools are opening from Monday.

Chandigarh: Schools will be partially open. Only 15 students will sit in the class.

Nagaland: Schools will reopen from tomorrow.



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આપ સૌનુ હાદિઁક સ્વાગત છે.

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