Friday, July 17, 2020

NEWS about grade pay.


The big news has come in the form of grade pens for primary teachers in the state. The government has shown leniency on the issue of reducing 4200 grade pay for primary teachers and the decision to pay 2400 grade pay has been postponed and now the government has announced to keep 4200 grade pay unchanged. Deputy Secretary of Education B.V. Rathwa has canceled the old circular.

The old circular to reduce the grade pay of primary teachers has been canceled till a policy decision is taken. The government has taken this big decision after the teachers' grievances on the issue of grade pay by primary teachers. This decision has revived the feeling of happiness among the teachers. Digvijay Singh Jadeja of the Primary Education Association spoke to reporters about this.



આપ સૌનુ હાદિઁક સ્વાગત છે.

આપ સૌનુ હાદિઁક સ્વાગત છે.

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