Tuesday, January 28, 2020

GPSC Exam CALENDAR Year 2020 : New

GPSC Exam CALENDAR Year 2020 : New

This year, the Primary Education Department has conducted Common Examination in all Government and Corporation Primary Schools in the state from Std. 1 to 3 and evaluation by external teachers and supervision by external teachers. This has led to fierce opposition by the teachers' boards of the state primary teachers and corporation schools. After the protests, the government has relaxed external supervision. After meeting with the Education Minister and the Secretary of the Education Department and submitting applications in writing, the Primary Teachers' Union has finally revised the previous rules by making a new circular to the Government. According to which the school will now have to bring one teacher per five blocks from another school and have a supervision near it. The advance education department ordered to bring all the teachers per block from all the other schools. One teacher per five blocks will have to be called from another school and the superintendent will be within 5 km radius. 

Teachers will not be calling. If there are ten blocks, then two teachers in the school, 3 if 3 teachers, then 4 teachers will have to call for supervision from outside school. This year, for the first time all the schools of the state will take Common Examination at the same timetable at the same time and the question papers will also be provided at the district level which will be common to all schools and the respondents will also have to be evaluated by the teachers outside the school. 

There are fierce protests. Professors complain that the government is trying to reduce the quality of primary teachers. I doubt it. Although Saracor has not given any concession on external assessment at present, it is likely to be exempted after opposition from the Primary Teachers Association.

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