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Let goodbye eyes and cataracts forever Full We was To Open

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Right now, boys and girls have to wear eyeglasses since they are young. Often working in a computer, reading and watching TV, the eyes begin to drain as they become weak. We want you to know the home remedies to solve this problem.

* This is not an illness but if it is not injured then the eyesight starts to diminish. To get rid of this, rinse your eyes with lukewarm water at any time of the day or at night. Drip this mixture into the eye daily. This will benefit you.

* All kinds of eye diseases such as water fall, eye drops, eye weakness etc., soak 5 to 5 almonds all night and drink in the morning.

* Get almonds, large fennel and sugar in equal quantities. Take this mixture daily with one glass of milk in a teaspoon at night while sleeping. Doing so will start to brighten your eyesight shortly.

* Massage the mustard oil in the soles of the feet and sleep at night. In the morning, walking barefoot in the grass. To perform the Anulom-Vilom Pranayama regularly. This will remove the weakness of your eyes.

* Soak one tablespoon of trifle overnight in an earthen pot. Then swallow it with water and rinse it with water. This will increase the light of the eye and there will be no disease.

* An hour of soaking wet eyes in rose water provides immediate relief from heat problems.

* Incorporate all kinds of ingredients into your meal. A balanced diet is necessary not only for the eyes but also for the body. Use carrot juice, milk, green vegetables, garlic, spinach, fruits, cauliflower and lemon.

* Apart from this, papaya, ripe bananas, milk, ghee, butter, honey, pepper, sugar, greenery, dried coriander and sweet lemon etc. are also beneficial to the eye.

* Take one tablespoon of vegetables, two nuts and half a teaspoon of sugar. Then take this mixture with a glass of milk before going to bed.

* Putting two or more drops of milk in the eye will remove all types of eye diseases for young children.

* Eye drops shown to doctors two to three times a week.

* Eating papaya daily benefits the eye. Wash your eyes with roses. This will also benefit you.

* Banana and sugarcane juice are good for the eyes so drink this. Squeezing one lemon in a glass and drinking it will make your eyesight throughout life.

* At least 3 hours of sleep must be taken. Less sleep causes tiredness and loss of eyes. So that should not be the case.

* Take two whole pieces of cardamom and put it into the milk. Boil the milk and drink it before going to bed at night. This makes the eyes healthy.

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