Friday, January 10, 2020

Kheduto Ne Khatar Leva Mate Sahay Malshe Full Wewas To Open 2020

Mitro Desh Videsh ma  Vasta Mara Mara Kheduto Mate Khatar Sahay Yojana  Chalu Thai Gai Che Tema From Bharvana Chalu Thai Gaya Che Atyare Form Bhari Chako Cho Mara Vala Kheduto 10,000 Rupiya Thi 15,000  Rupiya Thi Kheduto Ne Sahay Malshe

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Various schemes and queries of the agriculture department

The state government has opened an i-farmer portal to take advantage of various schemes of agriculture department. Under this project, all farming information is provided to the farmers on the premises. The state has achieved an average agricultural growth rate of over 5% in the last decade. For the first time, the state has given innovative programs such as Agricultural Festival and Soil Health Card in the country. This Vikas Yatra has added an innovative soprano this year. The farmers of the state should get timely information about the farm material required for cultivation, the latest agricultural information can be made available by finger tare, the benefits of various welfare schemes are available to the farmers at home and the current market for different weather and agricultural products. I-Farmer Portal is implemented by the department.

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Official Website :- Click Hare

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