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Get Medical Help Worth Rs 5 Lakhs For Free

Get Medical Help Worth Rs 5 Lakhs For Free

Friends Ayuram Bharat Scheme was started from November 25, 2018 by Honorable Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In which around 10 crore households or 55 crore people will be given free treatment of 5 lakh rupees. The entire list of the family covered by this scheme is made by the government and the name of the person who is in the list is eligible for this'll benefit.

Now friends will tell you whether the government has decided on this list either. This list is determined based on the poverty line. People in over-the-counter rural areas are eligible for this benefit. Many people are unaware of this plan and spend millions of rupees in the hospital and do the operation. And even if you have heard about this plan, then people do not know that their name is in this scheme or not? No one knows But today we are going to give you the information through which you can find out if your name is in this scheme or not? If you have a name then take advantage of this scheme in some way. So let's know very important information.

Friends, you can learn online or not at this Ayushmann Bharat scheme.
Open There you have a box of your mobile number, where you have to type your mobile number. After that, write down the capture code as it would have given a capture code below it. Then click on the Generate OTP option that will be given below.

Then the box of otp will open. Write an otp here that has sent an otp message to your mobile number. After that the box of terms will be clicked, so the Wright will be marked. After that it has to be submitted.

After you submit, you have to choose which state you have in the state, which means state. After that click in the box below, you will be given a different category, you can fill in your information according to any category, whether you are included in the plan or not.

Search by name in the category below, as well as search by ration card number, as well as search by mobile number and search by RSBY URN

Select one of these four categories and ask for the required information such as if you select search by name then your name, father's name, mother's name, wife's name, age, district, pincode number etc will be asked. After completing the information click on the search. After that, if there is a problem or no search, you can also select search by ration card number. In it you have to fill the ration card number and mobile number.

If your name comes in search results then it is the biggest problem in creating a card. Friends, this card makes you sick if you get sick directly from the hospital and if you are not sick and you already want this card, then you can get CSC or Common Service Center where you can also get a support card or make any government paper. By going to CSC Center you can make this card at only 30 rupees.

Apart from this, a letter has been sent to the people of the beneficiaries of the scheme, in which the QR code is given by the government minister's order in many areas, if you go for a cure in a hospital, those people also make a card based on the code.

Friends, many people are unaware of this information, so know about their life-long India plan, which will help them to get the proper benefit. This scheme has been created by the government for every Indian family. All people can benefit from this scheme. Share this article as much as you can to friends. Send information to everyone ... Tell us about this plan and how it is done. Jai Hind.

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