12 pass bharti ma sudharo & avnar bharti

      Have pasi tammam bharti 12 pass na badle  Greeduaon par thava na sarkaar dvara nirnay karva ma avo se.

       The government's theoretical decision, new recruitment rules will be prepared. Now 12 passes for Class-3 in the Panchayat will be available for the No-Entry, Graduate!  The recruitment rules will be changed in 4 categories from Talati to Chitnish. Gandhinagar. The impact of the incoming recruitment process.  , Ie 9 Higher Secondary Education Deputy Accountants, 1 Livestock Inspector and 3 Additional Chief Board Pass.  Entry will not be received.  A total of 5,8 new recruits are underway, including the state engineer.  If the government replaces this minimum educational qualification, the minimum educational qualification level will be increased from level-1 to graduate level before January 1, if any stream will be upgraded in all recruitment process.  Is.  However, where the recruitment advertisements are currently being started in the cadre, which is currently being started from the Panchayat Department, the Panchayat Department will continue the process under development scootment rules on Friday.  Writing a letter to the Commissioner's Office, a fresh statement will be prepared for the recruitment of the work of the Class General Administration Department.  After its execution.  General Chat Chat Lounge  Change the eligibility level for drafting instructions in Russia?  You have sent ruOjas.  Directorate of Government of Gujarat - M.G.  After the recruitment of a Deputy Superintendent Panchayat Officer in the world, the total number of government entities in the state is divided into five divisions in all the departments of the Government with the Panchayat Department in the field of Class-I jobs.  Instructions for changing the recruitment norms of more than half a million employees for all the cadres in all these constituencies are established by passing the standard 1 qualification, which has been given by the mamasavak, talati.  After the panchayat, the upgrades will be phased out in the coming time, including the deployment of the Deputy Graduate.