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Direct recruitment of Forest Guard, Class-I. Good news for

Direct recruitment of Forest Guard, Class-I. Good news for

Good news  for van raxak new Bharti update 2019

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 Drecruitment of Forest Guard, Class-I.  Good news for

Direct recruitment of Forest Guard, Class-I.  Government of Gujarat, Department of Forest and Environment, Resolution No. Mahak - 1 - 3s, 3 Secretariat, Gandhinagar Ta - 15 001 2018, Sale in:

(1) (2) Resolution No. of the General Administration Department: - Interested / 9/9, Dt: -  2 - General Administration Resolution Resolution No: - CupA - 1 - UO - 1 - C - 3 Tal.  1 - 2 - 3 Resolution:

|  Forest and Environment Department-owned forest guards, Class-I to fill the cadre positions directly from the recruitment of the 3-year recruitment calendar, totaling 3 out of 5 posts - 2 of the filled up areas and 5-year recruitment cAdministrationalendar-wise, totaling - 2 spaces total.

Dfilling, these areas are excluded from the jurisdiction of the Gujarat Secondary Services Selection Board under the Forest and Environment Department.  The order taken by the Government over the General Administration Department for filling up through the recruitment committee: (Resolution of 1 has been approved by the Government,

1. Therefore, the following committee of Forest Department has been constituted for direct recruitment of the forest guards, Class-2 cadre - for the total recruitment.  (1) Chief Forest Conservator
(1) Deputy Forest Conservator
 (3) Deputy Deputy Superintendent of Police
(1) The concerned Mamlatdar
(2) Deputy Nia.  Mak, Animal Husbandry,
(1) Outside
(2) Experts, the above committee shall take the following steps for the process of recruitment of forest guard.
 (1) The General Administration Department shall exclude from the jurisdiction of the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board, through a committee under Forest and Environment Department only.  Recruitment Event Page 1 of 3

Or one year, whichever of the two is the earliest, allows for the entire recruitment process.  (2) The existing recruitment rules and the provisions of the existing examination rules of the Forest Guard, Class-I, must be strictly adhered to.

 The selection of the candidate has to be conducted in a fair, transparent and neutral manner.  This direct recruitment will have to be advertised in widely publicized newspapers and applications must be obtained online through GJAD software.

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(2) The recruitment process has to be conducted through OMR method and oral interview cannot be conducted for this recruitment process.  If any question arises on the interpretation of any issues during this recruitment process, then the Chief Principal Secretary, Forest and Environment Department will have to make a decision and their decision will be final.  (Selected candidates have to be appointed with fixed pay for the first five years as per the provision of circulars, periodicals of the finance department and general administration department and strictly adhere to the provisions of the resolutions / circulars of the finance department and general administration department.  It is the responsibility of the foremost chief forest conservator and head o  The Forest Force shall belong to the State of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, at the behest of the Governor of Gujarat and in the name of (GJ Dave Joint Secretary (Service) Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Gujarat.  (By letter) • Principal Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Minister, Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Personal Secretary to Hon'ble Minister (Forest), Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Hon.  . A. Personal Secretary of the Minister (forest), the Secretariat, Gandhinagar, • Chief Secretary, Personal Secretary, Secretariat, Gandhinagar, P
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